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Older And Vulnerable Client Care Procedure

Dawsons Law recognises the importance of ensuring that Older and Vulnerable Clients are treated with dignity, respect and kindness, this applies also to their families and people representing them. We further recognise that the there is a need to assess whether such clients may require additional factors taken into consideration and as such we as a firm will apply the following additional considerations to them.

  • Whilst we acknowledge that it is important to see such client’s alone and take instructions from them independently (at least initially) we will be aware that some clients may wish to have someone they trust present to support them and we will try to accommodate this if possible. We acknowledge that we are required to see the client alone and that we will explain this to our client and their family or friends in a respectful way and ensure that the client is at ease with this part of the process. Considering this we as a firm will ensure that a record is kept through means of a detailed attendance note of those parties present during any meeting or indeed confirmation that instructions were taken with the client present on their own
  • We will give advice and information to our client in a clear and straightforward manner we will avoid the use of complicated legal terminology except where this cannot be avoided. Where legal terminology is used, we will ensure this is explained clearly to the client and will not proceed unless we are satisfied, they have understood the explanation. We will also be mindful of our client’s individual needs and adjust the way we conduct any meeting to suit such needs.
  • We will take steps to obtain information about the client’s physical limitations and possible capacity issues and will ensure that we take this into account when meeting with our client and throughout the case for example considering whether the client requires an interpret, or documentation to be in large print. 
  • We will offer home visits to our clients where appropriate and ensure they are aware of the relevant facilities at our offices that they may require.
  • If we are dealing with a client’s attorney, we will ensure that we have had sight of the document appointing them and obtained proof of the attorney’s identity, such information will be obtained before any information in discussed with the attorney.
  • We will always be sensitive to our client’s needs as an older and vulnerable client and will adjust our request for information and photographic ID for example so as not to cause any embarrassment or discomfort to the client.
  • Detailed attendance notes will be kept of meetings with the client and where appropriate will be followed up with a letter to the client confirming the advice given.
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