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  • The MYTH of the Common Law Spouse

    Date 25,July,16
    Written by

    Are you in a common law marriage? Does your friend say that she is a common law wife? Have you been with your "common law husband" for decades? Have your parents said they are in a common law marriage? Contrary to widespread belief, common law marriage does not exist.

    In an ever changing world where relationships are varying and evolving, it has become the norm for couples to cohabit rather than marry. This is quite a shake up from the 1970s and earlier when it was a taboo subject. What is arguably even more shocking than this change in the norm are the statistics relating to common law marriage. A survey from Advicenow found that over 68% of 25 to 34 year olds believe cohabiters have the same rights as married couples.

    This is not a new concept. Common law marriage has not existed in England since the 1500s!

    Unless you are married to another person, when a relationship ends, regardless of the years you have spent together, you do not have the same laws to rely upon as divorcing couples when dividing your finances and will find that you may have to seek a solution by implementing trust laws.

    ‘What if my partner dies without a Will?’ Regardless if you have been together for months, years or decades, if you are unmarried and there is no Will in place you will not be entitled to their estate. This is true even if you own a Property with your partner as Tenants in Common (in separate shares), you would not be entitled to their share. To try and secure a part of your partners estate, when there is no Will, you would need to make an application under Inheritance Laws, which could be very costly. Do make a Will.

    Although there is no such thing as common law marriage, if your relationship with your partner has come to an end, whether you are married or not, Dawsons Law can give you straightforward advice to put your mind at ease. We also can prepare your Will on a fixed fee basis.

    Uniquely, if you are seeking general advice relating to the end of your relationship we do offer Free 20 Minute Appointments at our weekly sessions at the Watton Office (terms may apply). Alternatively, if you require more specific advice, we do offer competitively priced Fixed Fee Appointments.


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